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Pfizer expands product deal with Indian generic company

March 5, 2009
Sales and Marketing Asia, India, Pfizer, generics

Pfizer has linked up with Indian drug manufacturer Aurobindo Pharma to expand its portfolio of generic medicines in the US …

Getting up to speed with India

January 12, 2009
Research and Development India, clinical trials, ethics

On a recent trip I made to India, the resourcefulness of the country's people was demonstrated to me as soon …

BMS outsources safety monitoring to India

September 14, 2007
Sales and Marketing India, safety

A team of 140 people based in Chennai, India, is to help Bristol-Myers Squibb monitor safety and side-effect reports from …

Indian court dismisses Novartis patent claim

August 8, 2007
Sales and Marketing India, Novartis

Novartis has failed in its challenge to India's intellectual property laws as part of its attempt to secure a patent …

BMS expands Indian biotech collaboration

March 21, 2007
Research and Development BMS, India

Bristol-Myers Squibb will establish a new integrated drug development facility in Bangalore as part of an expansion of its R&D …

Pharma’s eastern promise

January 29, 2007
Sales and Marketing China, India

Thanks to spiralling costs, increasing regulation and the ever-present threat of litigious action, it is hardly surprising that pharma companies …

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