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Baxter Alzheimer’s candidate shows promise

March 20, 2010
Research and Development Alzheimer's, baxter

Baxter’s Gammagard has shown promise in treating Alzheimer’s disease, with patients showing better cognitive function and less brain enlargement than …

Pfizer suffers Alzheimer’s setback

March 4, 2010
Research and Development Alzheimer's, Medivation, Pfizer

Pfizer has suffered a big setback with the oral Alzheimer’s disease treatment it is developing with biotech outfit Medivation. Investigational …

Government ups the ante in dementia research

February 26, 2010
Research and Development Alzheimer's, dementia

The government has attempted to ‘up the ante’ in dementia research by convening a ministerial group comprising charities, scientists, research …

Boost for dementia research

November 9, 2009
Alzheimer's, dementia

More funding will be made available for dementia research as a new ministerial group is created to champion the issue, …

AstraZeneca’s AZD3480 progresses in ADHD

July 11, 2009
Sales and Marketing ADHD, Alzheimer's, Alzheimer's ADHD, AstraZeneca

 AstraZeneca is to progress its AZD3480 (TC-1734) for attention deficit/hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) and has agreed to make a $10 million …

NICE defies pressure and keeps restrictions on Alzheimer’s

June 15, 2009
Research and Development Alzheimer's, NICE

Patients with early stage Alzheimer's disease will still be denied access to drug treatment after NICE decided to retain its …

Alzheimer’s companies hope renewed by House of Lords

October 30, 2008
Sales and Marketing Alzheimer's, NICE

The companies behind Alzheimer's drug Aricept have won the right to see the economic model NICE used to assess the …

Pfizer to co-market new Alzheimer’s drug

September 5, 2008
Sales and Marketing Alzheimer's, Pfizer

 Pfizer is to partner with American firm Medivation to develop and market a new drug for Alzheimer’s and Huntington’s disease.The …

Latest news from Datamonitor

September 4, 2008
Research and Development Alzheimer's

Attention shifts from beta-amyloid to tau in the hunt for an Alzheimer's disease therapyIn years to come, scientists and pharmaceutical …

Eisai gets go ahead for Alzheimer’s appeal

December 10, 2007
Alzheimer's, Eisai, NICE

Eisai is to make one more legal challenge to NICE by taking its case on Alzheimer’s drugs to the Court …

Eisai to appeal against Alzheimer’s court ruling

October 3, 2007
Alzheimer's, Eisai, NICE

Eisai and Pfizer are to try once again to reverse NICE restrictions on Alzheimer’s drugs by appealing against the recent …

NICE claims victory in Alzheimer’s court case

August 10, 2007
Sales and Marketing Alzheimer's

NICE will have to issue new guidance on Alzheimer's drugs, but claims the ruling in the judicial review vindicates its …

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