XBiotech to launch novel therapy for stroke patients in US

pharmafile | October 29, 2021 | News story | Medical Communications  

Clinical stage biopharmaceutical company, XBiotech, plans to test its new True Human™ antibody therapy for reducing brain injury after stroke, through a randomised, placebo-controlled clinical study. 

This study will be conducted across the US, at leading medical centers that provide advanced stroke care. During a stroke, endovascular catheters may be used in emergency care to unblock an artery and return blood supply to the brain. However, when an artery is reopened and blood supply returns to the oxygen starved region of the brain, this can cause further irreparable damage to brain tissue. This phenomenon is called ischemia-reperfusion injury, and there are currently no drugs approved for treatment of it.

XBiotech’s new candidate therapy aims to reduce brain injury that occurs due to ischemia and reperfusion injury – the latter which is believed to be the result of inflammation. 

The clinical study will employ cutting-edge imaging technology, and a novel objective assessment of treatment response. XBiotech’s True Human antibodies are derived from individuals, without modification, who possess natural immunity to certain diseases, and they have the potential to use the body’s natural immunity to fight disease with increased safety. 

Stroke is the leading cause of death and disability in the world today – approximately 13 million people worldwide will have a stroke each year, and around 5.5 million people will die as a result, according to the World Stroke Organisation. 

XBiotech’s CEO John Simard commented “With stroke being the world’s leading cause of death and morbidity, there is no more important use for harnessing the body’s natural immunity than in reducing the brain-damaging effects of inflammation in stroke. This novel drug candidate is the product of a remarkable group of researchers and technicians at XBiotech who work tirelessly to discover potentially revolutionizing medicines. 

“The clinical realization would not be possible without the selfless effort of a group of extraordinary physicians, including Dr. Greg Albers, that have helped design this unique clinical study. We will work tirelessly to see that this program realizes all its potential to bring new hope to patients suffering from stroke”.

Lina Adams


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