US House of Representatives blocks drug pricing advert bill

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A ruling which would force pharmaceutical companies to disclose the price of their drugs in television advertisements has been set aside by members of the US House of Representatives.

In August, as part of a plan to reduce the list prices of pharmaceutical drugs, the US Senate approved a measure which would require pharmaceutical companies to list the prices of their drugs on the television adverts promoting them. However, despite widespread support, the requirement has been stripped from a bill in the lower chamber of Congress, in what has been condemned as a case of politics siding with big pharma.

In response Senator Dick Durbin tweeted his disapproval :“My amendment with @ChuckGrassley & @SenAngusKing was supported by both parties, @AARP, American Medical Association, health insurance plans, 76% of Americans, Pres Trump & HHS. The only group who opposed it? Big Pharma & their Representatives in Congress:”  

He continued in the same thread in suggesting that “The #1 driver for increases in premiums are Rx drugs & TV drug ads inflate drug spending without telling patients how much it costs. It’s disappointing this measure was pulled at the last minute by House GOP. We need transparency & it’s time to put consumers ahead of Big Pharma.”

Meanwhile Republican Chuck Grassley also went to twtitter to condemn the naysayers: “Hearing rumors my bipartisan Durbin/Grassley legis to make drug companies list prices on TV ads is out of spending bill It is EMBARRASSING to bow to BIG PHARMA at expense of consumers Policy is supported by Pres Trump+AARP+Dem&GOP Sens If we can agree why are lobbyists fighting?”

Louis Goss

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