Top ten stories in the pharmaceutical industry this week

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Halloween is creeping up, and its business as usual for the pharma industry; the week has been full of shockers, with some scary statistics coming to light on price cuts and hikes – be sure to check out our new feature on the US election, which is just around the corner, and our look at the disturbing state of the US pricing industry, freshly published in the November issue of Pharmafocus, available to read now!

10. NHS suppliers investigated over 1000% price hikes

The Competition and Marketing Authority has launched an investigation into a number of drug companies following claims that 32 drugs have risen in price by 1,000% in five years.

9. Colombian pharma market to break $7 billion by 2020

An increase in drug consumption, government initiatives and a focus on generic drug use are seen as contributing factors to the growth.

8. UK Government announces deep cuts to pharmacy funding

Health Minister David Mowat has announced that 7% of funding will be cut over the course of two years to funding for pharmacies.

7. Price hiking: US pharma’s elephant in the room

Mylan’s recent EpiPen price inflation scandal has reignited a seemingly never-ending debate on the power of drug companies to charge prohibitive prices without reprisal. Matt Fellows delves into the issue to find out the root of the problem.

6. The Pharmafocus guide to the US presidential election 2016

The pharmaceutical industry and drug pricing have occupied quite a large space in the debates surrounding the next president of the United States. Sean Murray takes a look at an area that, surprisingly, Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump seem to agree on and the impact the new POTUS may have on the industry in the US and beyond.

5. Merck KGaA and Pfizer team up with Debiopharm in lung cancer treatment

Debiopharm International has announced a clinical collaboration with Merck KGaA and Pfizer in cancer immunotherapy.

4. Dr Reddy’s Laboratories profits drop 60%

Dropping sales in Venezuela and North America and increased market competition are cited as reasons behind the poor performance.

3. Novartis in collaboration deal worth potential $1.2 billion with Cerulean

Novartis has agreed a collaboration deal with Cerulean Pharma to develop and market potential nanoparticle-drug conjugates, with the deal being worth $1.2 billion depending on milestones.

2. Concordia founder resigns and will step down once replacement found

Concordia International Corp. has announced that their founder and CEO, Mark Thompson, will leave the pharmaceutical company.

1. EMA opens clinical trial data to public

The European Medicines Agency has begun the process of providing the public with data of clinical trials by publishing the data from Kyprolis (Amgen) and Zurampic (AstraZeneca).

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