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Two of our top five stories this month are about one company in particular – a company that’s having a particularly tough time of late. Alongside this news, there are several stories on new approvals and exciting research in the Alzheimer’s field.

10. Top five European countries by pharmaceutical spending per capita

We arranged the top five European countries by the levels of expenditure upon pharmaceuticals, not all are from the largest countries, by population, and there’s a surprise omission.

9. FDA clears Opdivo to treat most common form of bladder cancer

BMS’ Opdivo further expands its label with an indication for bladder cancer via an intravenous injection, to add a slice of good news to an otherwise tough period for teh drug.

8. Antibiotic-resistance being spread from flies to people

Worrying news in the battle against antibiotic-resistant bacteria, as a study from Cardiff University finds that the bacteria are being spread by flies and swallows to the human population.

7. Socially vigilant: Does pharmacovigilance need secondary data & social media?

As the world’s drug consumption continues to rise alongside advancements in the medical and pharmaceutical industries, so too do new challenges. And as technology also evolves, new solutions are coming into focus. But they are not without their own challenges, as Matt Fellows discovers.

6. Two Phase 3 failures put nail in the coffin for Lundbeck Alzheimer’s drug

Danish pharma firm Lundbeck has announced the failure of two Phase 3 trials investigating its experimental Alzheimer’s treatment idalopirdine.

5. J&J breast implants “may have harmed thousands”, claims fresh lawsuit

Mentor Worldwide, a unit of US pharma firm Johnson & Johnson, has been accused of selling defective breast implants and is currently engaged in legal action over alleged health problems faced by a number of women.

4. Bayer’s cardiovascular drug races to target in trial

Bayer have gained a boost to its blockbuster drug, Xarelto, with the successful early termination of a clinical trial due to it hitting its primary endpoint.

3. More troubles for Teva as Israeli authorities open bribery investigation

Teva was revealed to be under investigation by Israeli authorities following its settlement of a $519 million bribery fine.

2. Teva’s CEO merry-go-round continues as Vigodman leaves

Teva has announced a shift in corporate structure, as Erez Vigodman has left the company by “mutual agreement”. It comes after a particularly difficult year for Teva.

1. Scientists identify key role of divisive Alzheimer’s protein

Researchers from the Stark Neurosciences Research Institute at Indiana University have claimed to have finally identified the purpose of an immune system protein that has divided scientists on its function within patients suffering from Alzheimer’s.

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