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It’s the last Friday of February, and it’s time for another run-down of the most popular stories of the week.

One of the biggest stories this week was the ongoing news that 10 Greek politicians are to be investigated on their alleged bribery and collusion with major pharma firm Novartis. It’s a shocking, if unsurprising episode that will continue to hold interest as it develops.

Elsewhere, Shire, Microsoft and EURORDIS have announced they are to form a partnership focused on reducing the time to diagnosis for rare disease patients, while Abbvie splashed the cash to seal a $1.1 billion partnership with Voyager Therapeutics to pursue tau protein research in Alzheimer’s.

Also, be sure not to miss our new Patient Experience feature, this month with John Ellwood who shares his story living with multiple myeloma. In the upcoming issue of Pharmafocus, available next week, we have Ingrid Copperman who speaks to us on her experience with her ovarian cancer diagnosis.

Check out the week’s ten most popular articles on Pharmafile.com now!

10. Janssen’s Tremfya shows long-term efficacy in moderate to severe plaque psoriasis

Janssen has demonstrated that Tremfya was able to generate high skin clearance rates in patients with moderate to severe plaque psoriasis when administered as a long-term treatment.

9. Pfizer taps real world evidence for CVD in new partnership

BC Platforms, a company that focuses on genomic data managements and analysis, has announced that it has partnered with Pfizer to generate real world evidence (RWE) in atrial fibrillation patients

8. FDA weighs up divisive change to Alzheimer’s drug assessment

Alzheimer’s disease (AD) is an area badly in need of a treatment, the problem is that this prospect seems to be receding into the distance, but the FDA has stepped forward with proposals to encourage greater research in the area.

7. Reports increasing of worrying side-effects with Regeneron’s Eylea

Reports are emerging which detail some alarming side-effects in patients receiving Regeneron’s blockbuster eye drug Eylea: once injected into the eye, patients experience a sharp decline in sight, accompanied by pain, leaving them understandably panicked.

6. Shire, Microsoft and EURORDIS form rare disease alliance

Rare disease specialist pharma firm Shire, rare disease patient alliance EURORDIS and tech giant Microsoft have announced they have formed a partnership focused on addressing diagnostic challenges with rare diseases.

5.Greek parliament moves to investigate 10 politicians

After a 20-hour debate, Greek parliament has voted in favour of investigating 10 politicians named as part of an investigation into alleged bribery and collusion between high-ranking ministers and the pharma giant, Novartis.

4. AZ’s Imfinzi seals blockbuster lung cancer market with FDA nod

AstraZeneca’s immunotherapy, Imfinzi, arrived to the industry as a failure – but it has received a piece of news that could take the sting out of its initial troubles.

3. Patient experience: Living with multiple myeloma

Pharmafocus talks to John Ellwood about the challenges of being diagnosed with multiple myeloma and how having a strong support network in crucial.

2. AbbVie turns to tau for Alzheimer’s in $1.1bn deal

Sailing against the prevailing wind in the Alzheimer’s disease space, AbbVie has launched a deal worth a potential $1.1 billion with Voyager Therapeutics.

1. AllTrials puts FDA under pressure with Trials Tracker

A year to the day that the FDA unveiled its Final Rule, which sees the organisation given 13 months from clinical trial completion to publish summary results and adverse events, AllTrials announced a website that would track compliance.

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