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Just 10 days away from Christmas, and big news is still flowing in the industry. Sanofi remains embroiled in scandal over its potentially defective dengue vaccine in the Philippines, and Teva continues to be rocked by negatives as its Chairman announces his immediate departure from the company, while up to 10,000 job losses are announced.

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10. Mundipharma names new President and CEO

Shortly following its announcement of Philippe Mazas as Chief Information Officer, Mundipharma has revealed it has appointed Alberto Martinez as its new President and Chief Executive Officer.

9. What will Pfizer do with its second Remicade biosimilar?

The FDA has approved its second biosimilar, Ixifi, but with it already heavily invested in the commercialisation of Inflectra, alongside Celltrion, the question remains about what Pfizer will choose to do with its second version?

8. Sanofi sees pipeline fruition in 2018

In news that Sanofi will no doubt be hoping should divert attention away from the Dengvaxia scandal, the company revealed that it expects to take a number of projects to Phase 3 and to file for regulatory approval in 2018.

7. FDA cracks down on snortable chocolate powder

The FDA has taken action on Coco Loko and Legal Lean Syrup, both made by Arco Globus Trading LLC, after the former was brought to US nationwide attention by Senate Minority Leader, Charles Schumer, back in July.

6. Latest US company accused of price gouging, after 2,469% increase

It seems that no matter how much bad press comes their way, certain pharmaceutical companies are more than happy to take a little heat to make quick money.

5. Teva job cut rumours resurface, 10,000 expected

Only last month, the story broke that Teva was looking to cut away a number of employees, the rumours have now intensified with reports suggesting the number could be in the region of 10,000.

4. ‘Mind-blowing’ gene therapy could herald a cure for haemophilia, study shows

A team of clinical researchers at Barts Health NHS Trust and Queen Mary University of London have reported that a single gene therapy treatment has proved remarkably effective in the treatment of haemophilia A one year after infusion.

3. Ionis scores huge breakthrough in Huntington’s, Roche licenses drug

Ionis Pharmaceuticals has revealed findings from its Phase 1/2a study into a treatment for Huntington’s disease and the strong data has been met with enthusiasm from all quarters.

2. Tumultuous times at Teva continue with Chairman exit

In the latest addition to a number of high profile exits from Teva, previous interim Chief Executive and the company’s chairman, Yitzhak Peterburg, has resigned from the company with immediate effect.

1. Sanofi issues US-wide recall for arthritis product, after adverse events

Sanofi has announced a recall of 12,380 syringes of its Synvisc-One product for the treatment of osteoarthritis, after it was noted that a particular batch was associated with unusually high levels of adverse events.

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