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Despite us nearing the end of the year, the news has not been slowing down at all. Headlines across Europe have been dominated by Brexit negotiations, and so one of our top stories, inevitably, involved the UK government’s strategy for post-EU life.

GSK was revealed to have made a significant investment in the UK, following on from MSD’s the previous week. On top of this, our most read news of the week have been dominated by the latest research emerging from companies and researchers alike,  including two stories regarding psoriasis breakthroughs.

Check out the week’s ten most popular articles on now!

10. Mylan’s Ogivri becomes first and only FDA-approved Herceptin biosimilar

The FDA announced the approval of Mylan’s Ogivri, the first biosimilar version of Roche’s Herceptin to be authorised for use in the US. The drug is approved for use in patients with HER2-positive4 breast and metastatic stomach cancers.

9. Mundipharma names Philippe Mazas as new Chief Information Officer

Mundipharma announced that it had appointed Philippe Mazas as its new Chief Information Officer.

8. Vanilla compound found to prevent psoriasis

The use of vanillin by researchers was found to supress the expression of IL-17 and IL-23 proteins, thereby having a similar effect to the new wave of psoriasis treatments that have emerged on the market.

7. Study reveals diet able to reverse diabetes in half of patients

Building on their previous research emerging from Professor Roy Taylor’s work at Newcastle University, a study found that 45.6% of people living with type 2 diabetes were able to reverse their condition through a calorie controlled diet.

6. Novartis nets first acute myeloid leukaemia approval in Canada, but NICE says no

Novartis’ Rydapt was awarded marketing approval in Canada for the treatment of FLT3-mutated acute myeloid leukaemia. However, NICE saw fit to reject the treatment for use on the NHS in the same indication.

5. Old anti-drinking drug shows potential as cancer treatment

In the 1970s, it was noted that people taking the anti-drinking drug who then contracted cancer seemed to be able to fight cancer. However, it was never conclusively decided what was causing the effect and subsequent research dimmed, until it was picked up again recently.

4. GSK commits to multi-million investment in UK life sciences sector deal

In the latest boost to the UK’s life sciences strategy, GSK committed £40 million to its work identifying new drug targets – a welcome piece of good news during the government’s Brexit negotiation struggles.

3. Novo Nordisk unveils hard-hitting data for two of its diabetes therapies

Novo Nordisk lifted the curtain on new data from two of its therapies for diabetes, Xultophy and Tresiba, demonstrating the benefits they can provide to patients.

2. AbbVie posts strong psoriasis data but can it stand out from crowd?

AbbVie revealed that its IL-23 inhibitor, risankizumab, had successfully met all of its endpoints in Phase 3 trials. The results were promising but the question remainedwhether it can play catch-up in an already crowded market?

1. Two big pharma companies accused of false marketing

The top news of the week was the announced that two big pharma companies had been taken to court by the Australian Competition and Consumer Commission over allegations of falsely marketing their pain relief product.

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