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The start of 2017 has already had some big stories hit the news, with many companies taking the opportunity to release news both good and bad. As is often the case, the bad news is definitely at the fore – with clinical trials going wrong and corruption allegations dogging certain companies.

Catch up with the most read stories on this week:

10. Sanofi and Boehringer confirm successful exchange of businesses

Sanofi and Boehringer Ingelheim have confirmed the successful completion of the exchange of Sanofi’s animal health business (Merial, based in Mexico) and Boehringer Ingelheim’s consumer healthcare business (CHC, based in India).

9. Amgen’s patent win upheld against Sanofi-Regeneron

In March 2016, Amgen won two major patent cases against Sanofi and Regeneron over their drug, Praleunt, after it was found to infringe Amgen’s patents. Sanofi and Regeneron sought to overturn the verdict and create a new trial over the case, but this appeal was dismissed by US district judge Sue Robinson.

8. Mylan ends 2016 with spate of generics

Mylan ended a difficult year for itself by releasing a rash of generics into the market, ending the year strongly and looking to put its troubles behind it. The generics that it announced were a generic version of Johnson & Johnson’s Concerta tablets, a generic version of Pfizer’s Cerebyx injection and a generic version of Zovia.

7. Blast at Sun Pharma factory kills two

A blast at Sun Pharma’s Ahmednagar factory caused the deaths of two workers and injured a further two. The four workmen were taken to a nearby hospital but two were injured so severely that they succumbed to their injuries.

6. Texas launches lawsuit against FDA over lethal drug shipment

The state of Texas has filed a lawsuit against the FDA to try to force a decision to be made on an impounded shipments of drugs used as part of the lethal injection process. The drugs have been held for 17 months, after the FDA held the shipment of 1,000 vials to determine whether they violated imported drug regulations.

5. Morning sickness pill scientific backing called into question

Many women suffer from morning sickness during the early stages of pregnancy and some suffer from hyperemesis gravidarum, acute morning sickness; for those women suffering from these symptoms, there has been medication on offer to relieve symptoms.

4. Four die in Seattle Genetics’ drug trial

Seattle Genetics released that the FDA had placed a hold had been placed on clinical trials involving its experimental cancer therapy drug vadastuximab talirine (SGN-CD33A) after six patients had experienced liver toxicity, with four patients dying as a result.

3. Sanofi files lawsuit against Novo Nordisk over ‘false allegations’

Sanofi has sued Novo Nordisk over claims made in an advertising campaign for its drug Tresiba. Sanofi has filed the claim on the pretext that Novo Nordisk claimed that Sanofi’s insulin drugs would be made unavailable for many patients in the US.

2. Greek authorities raid Novartis’ offices after bribery allegations

The investigation into practices by Novartis in its Greek operations had been accelerated after the attempted suicide of a Greek Novartis official on New Year’s Day. The official had been one of the approximately 178 people who had been questioned as part of an investigation, headed by Greek politician Stavros Kontonis, into bribery and corruption allegations against Novartis.

1. Seven pharma trends for 2017

Here at Pharmafile, we look ahead to what we expect could be some of the major trends that will reoccur through 2017.

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