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It’s Friday, and we’ve brought together our weekly digest of the articles which proved most popular with our readers. Brexit remains in the headlines, as MPs Hunt and Clark moved from behind cover to suggest that UK will look to work the EU over drug regulation. There was promising research in Alzheimer’s that could lead to new drug targets and AZ sold of two drugs for a tidy profit.

Check out the week’s ten most popular articles on now:

10. Ministers move to clarify drug regulation Post-Brexit

Jeremy Hunt, Health Secretary, and Greg Clark, Business Secretary, have made a bold move to suggest that the UK will look to collaborate closely with the EU to navigate drug approvals post-Brexit.

9. Stada CEO and CFO tumble in takeover turmoil

Stada, the German generic drugs manufacturer, saw its two most senior executives leave the company for ‘personal reasons’. Matthias Wiedenfels, CEO, and Helmut Kraft, CFO, left the company only days after a takeover bid by Bain Capital and Cinven had failed to secure enough shareholder support.

8. Researchers boost existing antibiotic to tackle drug resistance

A team from the University of Lincoln in the UK has developed a new form of antibiotic, which has proven its ability to defeat existing multidrug-resistant infections.

7. NICE recommends AstraZeneca lung treatment

AstraZeneca’s Daxas (roflumilast) received recommendation from NICE for the treatment of chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD), meaning the therapy could soon be available for routine use on the NHS.

6. Big success and even bigger failure for Daiichi Sankyo’s experimental therapy

Daiichi Sankyo’s mirogabalin posted trial success in treating patients with post-herpetic neuralgia by hitting its primary endpoint, yet failed to hit its target in a trial focused on fibromyalgia.

5. GSK signs $43 million AI-based drug discovery deal with Exscientia

GSK is to partner up with  Exscientia in a $43 million deal in a bid to utilise the latter’s AI-driven platform to supercharge and streamline its drug discovery business.

4. Oxford BioMedica in $100 million manufacturing deal with Novartis

Oxford BioMedica announced that it had signed a contract with Novartis to supply the company with materials in a three-year contract.

3. Gilead to launch injunction against Mylan and Actavis over HIV generics in Ireland

Gilead is expected to launch injunctive action against rivals Mylan and Actavis over the allegation that they are planning to offer a generic version of Gilead’s antiretroviral HIV drug Truvada.

2. Atomic structure of tau revealed opening up new Alzheimer’s targets

It is a research breakthrough that has been touted as the biggest development in Alzheimer’s disease research for a quarter of century – scientists have revealed the atomic structure of abnormal tau protein.

1. AstraZeneca generates $600 million from just two drug sales

The news that AstraZeneca is expected to generate almost $600 million from just two drug sales, Zoming (a migraine therapy) and Seloken (a beta-blocker) proved to be the most interesting to readers.

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