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It’s Friday, and medical device recalls have been the flavour of the week, with both GSK and Mylan having to withdraw huge amounts of their products over fears they are defective; while GSK will likely bounce back witthout too much damage, it could spell disaster for Mylan, who it seemed had only just seen the back of last year’s EpiPen pricing scandal.

Takeda made big news as it came to light that it is to slice Ariad Pharmaceuticals workforce in half after acquiring the company for $5.2 billion. Other headlines include a new breakthrough in PTSD treatment, which has emerged from a surprising source and could mean big things in the years to come. And don’t miss our exlusive look behind the scenes of Rare Disease Day 2017.

Check out the ten most popular articles on Pharmafile.com this week!

10. Astellas lines up Ogeda for acquisition in $853 million deal

Astellas, based in Tokyo, has announced that it has agreed a deal to acquire Belgium-based Ogeda SA. The deal will comprise of an up-front payment of $500 million, with a further $300 million dependent on milestones on Ogeda’s lead candidate.

9. Ketamine found to offer hope as last-resort treatment for depression

The drug, better known for its recreational use, has shown that it offers a potential therapeutic avenue for those that have exhausted all other options to combat depression.

8. Behind Rare Disease Day 2017

As the annual event focusing on the struggle of patients with rare diseases saw its biggest year yet, Pharmafocus spoke to some of those who are working hard to ensure the issue remains in the industry’s sights

7. GSK hit by recall of 600,000 inhalers

The FDA has released that GSK would be voluntarily recalling close to 600,000 of its Ventolin asthma inhalers across the US. The reason for the recall was disclosed as being related to a leak observed in some of the products.

6. FDA issues US-wide recall of Mylan’s EpiPen

After recent reports of around 80,000 defective EpiPen’s across the world, the FDA has called for a voluntary nationwide recall of Mylan’s auto-injector in the US after news that products in that region are also failing to activate properly. 

5. J&J ordered to pay $5m over false marketing claims

Johnson & Johnson is accused of falsely claiming its baby bedtime bath products are “clinically proven” to aid sleep, despite no evidence to support this.

4. AstraZeneca ends month with two pieces of news

AstraZeneca has ended the month with more positive news on Tagrisso as it achieved FDA approval in a particular indication of non-small cell lung cancer, as well as selling the rights to Zoladex for a potential $320 million.

3. Common antibiotic shows promise as novel PTSD treatment

New research has indicated that common antibiotic doxycycline could be used to prevent or treat post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) as evidence emerges of its ability to disrupt negative associations in the brain.

2. Takeda lays off more than half of Ariad’s US staff

Takeda acquired Ariad Pharmaceuticals at the beginning on the year for $5.2 billion, as often happens after a takeover, however, the job cuts have begun – with Takeda having shed 180 staff from a total of nearly 300 members of staff from Ariad’s US operations.

1. FDA approves first-ever atopic dermatitis biologic treatment

The first biologic medicine for the treatment of moderate-to-severe atopic dermatitis (AD), the most common form of eczema, has been approved by the FDA.

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