Stada takeover back in motion after revised bid

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Stada, the German generic manufacturer, has had a particularly protracted takeover journey to reach a point, now, where it looks likely to go through. Bain Capital and Cinven, the two firms involved in the takeover bid, have upped their offer for the company to €66.25 – valuing them €0.25 higher per hare than the previous offer, increasing the overall bid by €16 million.

The saga has had more than a few twist and turns, with activist investors attempting to force through changes that led to then CEO, Harmut Retzlaff, biting the bullet. Retzlaff’s successor did not last long – Matthias Wiedenfels exited the company less than a year after beginning, heading out the door alongside CFO, Helmut Kraft.

The revolving door of senior staff members reflects the turbulence that forcing through the deal has caused Strada. Even returning to Strada to offer a new deal, Bain and Cinven had to approach BaFin, Germany’s financial regulator, to approach the company with an improved offer before the one-year exclusion period usually applied had run its course.

Engelbert Coster Tjeenk Willink, Chairman of the Executive Board of Stada, commented on the revised offer: “The offer reflects Stada’s growth potential. The improvements in the form of financial consideration and the commitments to our employees, our locations and our corporate strategy are showing us that Bain Capital and Cinven are highly interested in developing Stada together with us. The reduced minimum acceptance threshold as well as shareholders who obliged to tender about 20% of shares also ensure high transaction security. That is why we appreciate the renewed takeover offer and have decided to support the request for exemption of Bain Capital and Cinven.”

There are no problems expected with the revised bids that values the company at €4.124 billion and only requires an acceptance threshold of 63%. The previous bid had stumbled on being unable to muster the required 67.5% approval but only achieved 65.52%, as investors held out for an improved offer.

Ben Hargreaves

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