Sanders calls on Trump to support drug pricing bill

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Senator Bernie Sanders has called on President Donald Trump to support new legislation aimed at cutting prices on prescription drugs.

The ruling could see: the opening up of generic competition on patent protected, brand name drugs that are deemed “excessively priced”; the ability for Medicare to negotiate directly with pharmaceutical companies; and consumers being allowed to import lower priced medicines from Canada.

The proposed bill would go far beyond Trump’s plans in allowing generic companies the ability to make affordable versions of medications that were more expensive in the US than the median price in Canada, the United Kingdom, Germany, France and Japan.

“Today I say to President Trump, if you are serious about lowering the cost of prescription drugs in this country, support our legislation and get your Republican colleagues on board,” Sanders said at a press conference in Capitol Hill.

Congressman Elijah Cummings reiterated the point in stating: “No more talk. No more tweets. The American people want action.”

While Trump initially called for similar measures in suggesting that Medicare should be able to negotiate drug prices and that patients should be able to import drugs from abroad, the majority of Republicans favour a free market approach.

As such the ruling has little chance of coming into law. Nevertheless, the call puts pressure on Republicans in echoing Trump’s calls for pharma firms to lower their prices. As of yet, Trump’s own attempts to reduce the price of drugs have had little on the pharmaceutical industry.    

Louis Goss

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