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COVID-19 vaccine news continues to roll in and continues to be positive, with AstraZeneca now releasing Phase 3 data that proves its vaccine candidate is safe and effective. Vaccinations began this week in the UK with Pfizer and BioNTech’s candidate after it secured emergency approval. However, despite all this good news, tech firm IBM says it has identified attempts by potentially state-sponsored hackers to compromise these new vaccination efforts. 

New research links metformin to decreased mortality risk in female patients hospitalised with COVID-19 Published on 04/12/20

Hospitalised female COVID-19 patients who had fulfilled a 90-day prescription for metformin were associated with a 21-24% reduction in the risk of death compared to those who were not receiving the drug

IBM uncovers “precision phishing campaign” targeting global COVID-19 vaccine cold chain supplyPublished on 04/12/20

IBM’s team reported that phishing emails were delivered in six countries around the world under the identity of an executive at Chinese cold chain provider Haier Biomedical, with the goal of gathering intelligence on the workings of the global COVID-19 vaccine supply line.

South Korea secures enough COVID-19 vaccine doses for 44 million citizensPublished on 08/12/20

The deals cover the procurement of 20 million doses each of candidates from AstraZeneca, Pfizer and Moderna, a further four million doses of Janssen’s developing candidate, and ten million vaccine doses through COVAX, the World Health Organization’s global vaccine project.

UK launches COVID-19 vaccination drive with first dosings of Pfizer/BioNTech’s candidate Published on 08/12/20

The first wave of 800,000 doses of the vaccine has hit around 50 selected hospitals and healthcare hubs across the country, following the MHRA’s decision to approve the candidate for emergency use last week.

AstraZeneca and Oxford Uni vaccine is safe and effective in preventing COVID-19 infection, Phase 3 data show Published on 09/12/20

21 days following initial dosing, ten patients were hospitalised with COVID-19 infection, with two severe cases and one patient death. None of these cases occurred in the vaccine group.

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