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pharmafile | December 23, 2020 | News story | Research and Development  

The COVID-19 pandemic has, unsurprisingly, dominated the news this year. The site’s most popular articles of 2020, focused largely on the race to find vaccines and treatments for the virus, highlight the progress we’ve made since the crisis began. As we near the year’s end, numerous countries have already begun vaccinations, while countless others are gearing up to do so.

 1. Korean researchers find drug that is more effective in treating COVID-19 than remdesivir – Published 15/05/2020

A research team at the Institut Pasteur Korea have identified a drug that appears to be more effective in treating COVID-19 than Gilead’s remdesivir.

2. US trial of ivermectin cuts coronavirus mortality by 40% – Published 10/06/20

A US clinical trial of the drug ivermectin found that it reduced the mortality rate of COVID-19 patients by 40%.

3. Eli Lilly will limit insulin costs to $35 per month for patients in the US due to COVID-19 – Published 08/04/20

Eli Lilly announced that it will limit out of pocket costs for insulin to $35 per month to offset the financial conditions created by the coronavirus.

4. Glenmark’s favipiravir accelerates viral clearance and clinical recovery in COVID-19 patients – Published on 24/07/20

The antiviral treatment favipiravir, in development from Glenmark Pharma, has shown promise as a potential COVID-19 therapy after hitting its targets in a Phase III study.

5. Sinovac’s COVID-19 vaccine successfully generates immune response at Phase 1/2 – Published 16/06/20

As more than 130 efforts to develop an effective vaccine against the novel coronavirus continue to roll on, Beijing-based firm Sinovac has revealed new Phase 1/2 data on its own COVID-19 vaccine, known as CoronaVac.

6. Genexine’s cytokine drug effective in treating coronavirus patients, new study suggestsPublished on 27/08/20

Genexine’s recent clinical trial investigating how its cytokine therapy treats coronavirus has proven effective, according to the company.

7. Hydroxychloroquine given to 1,100 patients with COVID-19 in New YorkPublished on 30/03/20

The malaria drug hydroxychloroquine is being administered to 1,100 patients in New York, which is fast becoming the new epicenter of the coronavirus pandemic.

8. Top Russian doctor quits over questionable ethics that rushed through coronavirus vaccine approvalPublished on 14/08/20

Professor Alexander Chuchalin has quit the Russian Health Ministry’s ethics council due to the quick approval process for the country’s coronavirus vaccine.

9. FDA approves Lannett’s cocaine-based nasal sprayPublished on 15/01/20

It has been announced that the FDA has moved to approve Lannett Company’s Numbrino (cocaine hydrochloride) nasal solution for “the introduction of local anaesthesia of the mucous membranes for diagnostic procedures and surgeries”.

10. Face shields did not protect people from a COVID-19 outbreak in Switzerland but masks did, according to health officialsPublished on 23/07/20

Health officials in Switzerland are warning against wearing plastic face shields without masks after a recent outbreak at a hotel showed them to be ineffective.

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