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Pfizer joins Amazon-like R&D network

pharmafile | August 30, 2013 | News story | Medical Communications Assay Depot, Pfizer, amazon 

Pfizer has become the latest big pharma firm to sign up to Assay Depot, the Amazon-like virtual laboratory.

The US giant has been given a virtual outsourcing platform for Pfizer scientists called the MXIS (Market Exchange for Innovative Services) via Assay Depot. 

MXIS brings together research services from thousands of contract research organisations into one website, enabling Pfizer scientists to communicate with any research vendor.

Using the system Pfizer researchers can also query the marketplace for services, request quotes, find and compare outsourced services, place orders, track projects, create reports and much more. 

It works as a centralised IT platform that enables Pfizer scientists to create, customise and purchase any research service, and to manage the sourcing project from initial request to service delivery.

“MXIS gives scientists rapid and efficient access to innovative research services from any global service provider in Assay Depot’s network,” said Robert Kaufman, Assay Depot’s VP of engineering.

“With just a few mouse clicks, scientists can quickly order or custom design a research service and then work closely with their outsourcing partners, significantly reducing the time it takes to complete a research project.”

Launched in September 2008, Assay Depot sees itself as an equivalent to for industry and academic drug researchers looking to tap into research services from drug discovery through to clinical trials.

It offers a single, secure, cloud-based location where researchers can compare service descriptions, view customer reviews, request quotes, place orders, track service progress and retrieve data reports.

In August last year AstraZeneca signed up to Assay under a similar deal as Pfizer. 


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