Particle Works partners with Earli Inc. to develop DNA-LNPs for early-stage cancer treatment

pharmafile | March 27, 2023 | News story | Business Services  

Particle Works, a leading provider of innovative microfluidic nanoparticle synthesis platforms, is supporting Earli Inc. in its mission to detect, locate and treat cancers at the earliest stages. San Francisco-based Earli will benefit from Particle Works’ highly controlled and automated technologies – the Automated Library Synthesis (ALiS) System and Automated Nanoparticle (ANP) System – to accelerate and optimize DNA-LNP formulation screening for potential cancer treatments.


Earli – which boasts some of the brightest minds in oncology and nanomedicine on its Scientific Advisory Board – has cited the importance of lipid nanoparticles to its work, allowing the selective expression of biomarker proteins in cancer cells. This requires the careful formulation of LNPs to target tissues beyond the liver, and the delivery of DNA cargoes not just to the cytoplasm, but to the nucleus of cells. Particle Works’ systems use the same microfluidics technology across multiple scales, allowing Earli to precisely produce LNPs of consistent size and structure, while reducing time, labor and resource costs.


“We are very proud to partner with Earli, and support the company’s commitment to developing early-stage cancer treatments,” explained Lee Jeffries, Managing Director of Particle Works. “We believe this will significantly assist Earli in accelerating its formulation screening. Moreover, the company shares our vision around process optimization, and will use the ANP System alongside the ALiS to move from screening to optimization in one easy step, keeping consistency in the fluidic pathways. Our team at Particle Works is committed to providing innovative solutions that can drive breakthroughs in research and development, and we believe this collaboration is a great step in that direction. We look forward to holding future workshops with the Earli team at their facility.” 


Badri Ananthanarayanan, Head of Delivery at Earli, added: “Our goals are best addressed by a high-throughput engineering approach, enabling us to generate and test hundreds of LNP formulations at small scale, then rapidly advancing the best candidates to larger scale for in vivo testing. Particle Works’ formulation platforms – the ALiS and ANP Systems – provide a strong solution for our needs, allowing us to maintain a precisely controlled formulation process across multiple scales to support our discovery and development efforts.”


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