Organon launches as women’s health company

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Organon has today launched through a spinoff from Merck as a global company focusing on women’s health.

The new team will be majority women and the company will be headquartered in the US, with offices across the globe, including one in Shoreditch, London.

Organon’s team will focus on improving access to contraceptive and fertility products, with a comprehensive education and training programme to help women and healthcare professionals understand the choices available to them.

Simon Nicholson, Managing Director of Organon UK&ENI Cluster said: “It’s exciting to take the helm in a new and vibrant company with such a strong purpose; a commitment to improving health outcomes for women.

“New acquisitions and partnerships will help Organon expand beyond our core strengths in contraceptives and fertility to meet the health needs of women at all stages of her life.

“This will be fuelled by a refreshed focus on our women’s health portfolio, further biosimilar launches, and a renewed energy put behind our trusted dermatology, pain, respiratory and cardiovascular brands.

“Our strength will come not only from our medicines and solutions but from the diverse team of Organon Founders we have gathered to launch this unique company. We are all personally invested in this opportunity and what we do really matters.”

Irina Spirieva, Commercial Operations Lead, Organon UK&ENI, said: “For far too long women have been told to accept many common conditions, such as heavy, painful, and irregular menstrual bleeding, incontinence, and menopause.

“Organon’s mission is to change this. We believe that by identifying diseases earlier and modifying the course of diseases or health conditions, we can improve the quality of life for women at every stage of their lives.”

Organon is headquartered in Jersey City, New Jersey with approximately 9,000 employees globally.

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