NIHR funds COVID-19 antiviral trial

pharmafile | October 26, 2021 | News story | Manufacturing and Production  

The National Institute for Health research has awarded funding to the University of Oxford, working with several other UK universities, to carry out a first-of-its-kind clinical trial. The trial will test new antiviral COVID-19 treatments for use early on in the illness, for those at higher risk of complications.

As part of the UK-wide study, researchers from the University of Oxford, University College London, and University of Liverpool among others will work together with NHS health and social care organisations in England, Scotland, Wales, and Northern Ireland, to encourage eligible patients to participate in the trial.

The Platform Adaptive trial of NOvel antiviRals for eArly treatMent of COVID-19 In the Community (PANORAMIC) is a national priority trial, and as soon as it is set up for delivery – will be open to eligible participants from across the UK.

PANORAMIC has been designed as a ‘platform clinical trial’, meaning it can rapidly evaluate several antiviral treatments over time that could help people at high risk of COVID-19 recover sooner, prevent the need for hospital admission, and ease the burden on the NHS.

Professor Paul Little from the University of Southampton and Co-Chief Investigator stated: “This trial will be one of the most ambitious ever undertaken in UK primary care, and will provide vital information about the treatments to help the most vulnerable people in the ongoing fight against COVID-19.”

Professor Nick Lemione, Medical Director of the NIHR Clinical Research Network said: “NIHR-supported research has already given the world some of the very first, life-saving COVID-19 treatments and vaccines. Antivirals represent the next important step in our effort to combat the virus, and with one of the most advanced health research sectors in the world, the UK is well-placed to take this challenge on.”

Ana Ovey

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