Moderna jab approved for children aged 12-17 in the EU

pharmafile | July 26, 2021 | News story | Sales and Marketing  

The EU has approved the use of the Moderna COVID vaccine in children aged 12-17.

Pfizer’s jab got the green light in May, making this the second COVID vaccine to get the go-ahead for children in the EU.

The move to start vaccinating young people in the EU may begin soon, but it is not without its critics, as many countries in Asia and Africa have a far lower vaccination rate.

The World Health Organization has urged wealthy countries to spread vaccines much more widely globally and to donate spare vaccines to poorer countries.

However, supporters of vaccinating children argue that it’s important now that the highly infectious Delta variant is widespread in Europe and cases are rising sharply in some areas.

Children also need to be included to achieve herd immunity.

The EMA says a study with the Moderna jab, involving 3,732 children aged 12 to 17, found responses similar to those in young adults aged 18 to 25.

In that study, none of those who received the vaccine developed COVID-19.

Last week, it was announced that some children in the UK would receive COVID vaccines, such as those with medical conditions that make them more vulnerable to the virus.

However, children in the UK who are not high risk will not receive the vaccine.

Lilly Subbotin

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