Microba Life Sciences launches next-generation healthcare testing for gastrointestinal health

pharmafile | March 2, 2023 | News story | Medical Communications  

Australian precision microbiome company Microba Life Sciences has launched its next-generation testing range for gastrointestinal health. MetaXplore has been relaunched in Australia under new brand name Co-Biome.


The new range provides diagnostic gastrointestinal health testing together with metagenomic-driven gut microbiome analysis for healthcare professionals. The range contains MetaXplore, MetaXplore GI and MetaXplore GI Plus, and includes features such as: an easy to interpret report format; scientifically graded clinical insights; diagnostic and investigative gastrointestinal health markers; diagnostic pathogen and parasite detection; complete microbiome profiling; and microbiome production and consumption of metabolites.


According to Microba’s site, its “core belief is that comprehensive and precise measurement of the human gut microbiome is required to reveal disease-relevant biomarkers to drive new therapeutic opportunities.”


Microba’s CEO Dr Luke Reid said, “The new MetaXplore test range delivers an important advancement in how microbiome test information can be applied in a healthcare setting. We continue to make progress at the forefront of this field to advance the application of microbiome testing in a healthcare setting towards a future where it can be routine in health and disease management, much like a blood test is today.”


Microba’s CSO, Associate Professor Lutz Krause said, “These new tests integrate traditional gastrointestinal pathology tools with Microba’s next generation microbiome testing technology and the latest global research to significantly advance the utility of microbiome testing in a healthcare setting. This test range is expected to significantly expand the total addressable market for Microba’s testing products.”


Co-Biome will be accessible through a healthcare professional in Australia, with a look to then be rolled out internationally.


James Spargo

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