Medicines recalled after FMD alert

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The MHRA has warned patients that batches of drugs for Parkinson’s, epilepsy and blood clots have been taken out of the legitimate supply chain during distribution and later reintroduced and given to patients.

British regulators are enacting a recall of the drugs Neupro, Vimpat, and Clexane after it was found that certain batches of the drugs had been removed from the supply chain and relabelled with B&S Healthcare labels.

The products are believed to be legitimate and there is no evidence that the products have been tampered with. The drugs are also stable at room temperature. The likelihood of their effectiveness being compromised is thus low.

However due to the vital nature of the medicines the consequences of lack of effectiveness could be serious. Only those medicines with B&S Healthcare labels are within the scope of the alert.

Patients are therefore being advised to continue taking their medicines and immediately contact their GP to arrange a new prescription.

Once they have a new prescription, patients should return affected batches to their pharmacists. All other batches of the medicine are also being recalled at the pharmacy level.

Dr Samantha Atkinson, Director of the MHRA’s Inspection, Enforcement and Standards Division, said: “Making sure the medicines people and their families take are acceptably safe and effective is the primary role of the MHRA and is our highest priority.”

“When we are made aware of potential risks to the security of the supply chain, the MHRA takes action to protect the public.”

“We continuously strive to ensure the UK’s regulated supply chain remains one of the safest in the world.”

Louis Goss

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