Leo Pharma gets European approval for unique plaque psoriasis drug

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The European Commission has announced that it has decided to approve Leo Pharma’s Kyntheum (brodalumab), making it the first and only available therapy to target the IL-17 receptor in the treatment of moderate-to-severe plaque psoriasis in candidates for systemic therapy.

Brodalumab has a unique operating mechanism compared to all other available psoriasis treatments, binding to the IL-7 receptor on skin cells to block the biological activity of pro-inflammatory IL-17 cytokines involved in plaque formation.

The EC’s decision was based on trial data showing that patients who used brodalumab experienced improvement in the disease after two weeks, while 37-44% of patients achieved complete skin clearance after 12 weeks of use. This is compared to the 19-20% of patients who achieved the same with ustekinumab. After one year, half of all users had achieved complete skin clearance.

Professor Richard Warren, Consultant Dermatologist at the Salford Royal NHS Foundation Trust, called the decision, “an important milestone for nearly two million people living with psoriasis in the UK, a quarter of whom will have, or may develop, a moderate or severe form of the disease. Despite recent advances in treatment, there are still some patients who cannot achieve the complete, sustained skin clearance they desire. Brodalumab with its differentiated mode of action represents a valuable treatment option, one I believe will be welcomed in the field of dermatology.”

Dr Sathish Kolli, Medical Director at Leo Pharma UK/IE, also commented: “Leo Pharma has an extensive heritage in Dermatology spanning more than half a century and we are proud to be able to bring a new option forward for prescribers and patients in an area of significant unmet need.”

Matt Fellows

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