Iveda reveals AI-driven caregiver assistant, IvedaCare

pharmafile | November 24, 2022 | News story | Business Services  

Iveda, a US-based technology company, has introduced their new cloud-based artificial intelligence (AI) assistant called IvedaCare. The company says they have designed the at-home AI caregiver for ‘safety, security, and elderly care.’


IvedaCare’s AI-driven software adapts to the lifestyle preferences of users to make informed decisions surrounding health and security. It will include ambient fall detection, monitoring of medication adherence, and capabilities for real-time location monitoring. Cloud-based wireless sensors will gather real-time data, which will be used in medical facilities, homes, and neighbourhoods, and will be accessible to users.


All of these features will be available through an app, which provides real time health condition updates and alerts, reducing false alarms and giving caregiver’s peace of mind. As the average life expectancy increases, elderly care systems are becoming more important, to safeguard the welfare of the elderly while providing assistance to primary caregivers. It also helps reduce the strain on healthcare professionals: preempting illness, or offering a virtual way for users to connect with their doctors.


Iveda founder and CEO David Ly said, “While it’s not possible for anyone to be everywhere at all times, that’s exactly what being a caregiver often requires, and a reality that IvedaCare’s technology gets us one step closer to. As an organisation continuously innovating on AI and Smart City technology, Iveda is pleased to share these capabilities with a broader audience, and in a way that truly adds value to users’ immediate daily lives.

IvedaCare combines the power of IoT sensors and AI to provide comfort and peace of mind to a major demographic in need.”


James Spargo


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