Indian authorities say J&J’s baby shampoo contains ‘harmful ingredients’

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Indian authorities in the state of Rajasthan have said that samples taken from Johnson & Johnson’s baby shampoo contained ‘harmful ingredients.’

The Rajasthan Drugs Control Organisation’s said in a notice date 5 March, that samples of J&J’s baby shampoo had failed quality tests. The US healthcare conglomerate rejected the claims.

While the Rajasthan authorities did not elaborate as to why the baby shampoo had failed quality testing, a J&J spokesperson said the results it had received from the Indian watchdog indicated that formaldehyde, a known carcinogen, had been discovered in the samples.

“We do not accept the interim results given to us, which mentioned samples to ‘contain harmful ingredients- identification positive for formaldehyde,” a J&J spokeswoman said to Reuters.

“We unequivocally maintain that our products are safe and our assurance process is amongst the most rigorous in the world,” she added as she suggested the Indian government’s tests had been conducted using “unknown and unspecified methods.”

“We have confirmed to the Indian authorities that we do not add formaldehyde as an ingredient in our shampoo nor does Johnson’s baby shampoo contain any ingredient that can release formaldehyde over time,” the company spokesperson noted.

The dispute comes after J&J were alleged to have known for decades that their baby powder contained cancer-causing asbestos.

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