Illumina to advance precision medicine approach for late-stage cancer patients

pharmafile | February 3, 2022 | News story | Business Services  

Illumina announced an agreement with the Jean Perrin Center at the Clermont-Ferrand University in France, to assess the clinical value of comprehensive genomic profiling (CGP) in cancer therapy options in patients with late-stage disease.

Evidence from the CELIA (comprehensive genomic profiling impact) research study will be used to support a precision medicine approach for patients with late-stage cancer within the French healthcare system.

The Jean Perrin Center, with assistance from the Toulouse Oncopole and the Bordeaux University Hospital Center, will analyse biopsy samples from patients with advanced colorectal, breast, melanoma, or lung cancer, using CGP- enabled by Illumina’s TruSight Oncology 500 assay.

“We are pleased to be working with the Jean Perrin Center which is leading this important study that will contribute to the growing international evidence base that puts CGP at the forefront of precision oncology medicine,” said Phil Febbo, MD, CMO at Illumina. “By assessing many mutations and biomarkers simultaneously to reveal the unique molecular profile of a tumor, CGP is helping to rapidly deliver actionable insights to patients and physicians, and improve outcomes.”

“CGP is being increasingly used in cancer centres throughout Europe, including France. Our goal is to confirm the clear clinical utility in order to make next-generation sequencing for metastatic cancer more broadly included in European and national clinical guidelines,” said Professor Frédérique Penault-Llorca, General Director of the Jean Perrin Center, and coordinator of the CELIA study. “Data from the CELIA study will add to the growing body of evidence on CGP, with the aim of accelerating the adoption of precision medicine for cancer patients. We are grateful for Illumina’s contribution to this project.”

Lina Adams

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