Hovione and Laxxon Medical sign partnership over 3D printed pharmaceutical applications

pharmafile | March 30, 2023 | News story | Medical Communications  

Hovione, a CDMO, and Laxxon Medical, a pharma-technology company, have signed a strategic partnership deal to bring 3D printing technologies to the pharmaceutical industry. The agreement will see Laxxon Medical placing 3D screen printing technology at Hovione’s cGMP production sites in Portugal initially, then the US.


Laxxon Medical have developed a 3D printing system using its SPID-Technology (Screen Printing Innovational Drug Technology). It is an additive manufacturing process enabling the development and production of complex formulations and geometical structures of oral dosage forms, which optimises release profiles for both common pharmaceuticals as well as new drug developments.


Helmut Kerschbaumer, Laxxon’s CEO, stated: “Hovione has a global reputation for their pharmaceutical innovation services, expertise and market access. This agreement marks a significant milestone for Laxxon in terms of our own market strategy and development efforts. We are looking forward to collaborating with Hovione to promote innovation through 3D screen printing.”


Klaus Kuehne, COO of Laxxon Medical, added: “Laxxon is thrilled to establish a long-term partnership with Hovione. This partnership will serve as a great accelerator in establishing 3D screen printing within the pharmaceutical industry thus accelerating our ability to serve our customers.”


Dr Jean-Luc Herbeaux, Hovione’s CEO, commented: “We find the Laxxon Medical 3D printing technology to be very innovative and enabling. It not only allows for the customisation and production of drug products with complex shapes and structures as well as unique API release characteristics but it also has the potential to reduce the time and cost of drug development. Hovione has a track record of turning emerging pharmaceutical production technologies into reliable and scalable offerings at both developmental and commercial scales. We are excited at the prospect of supporting Laxxon in industrialising its 3D printing technology and make it accessible to a greater number of pharmaceutical and medical device companies.”


James Spargo

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