Gyros Protein Technologies and Cygnus Technologies expand collaboration

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Gyros Protein has announced the next phase of its on-going collaboration with Cygnus Technologies alongside the introduction of a new HEK 293 HCP immunoassay solution.

HEK 293 HCP is the first of a planned range of ready-to-use bioprocess impurity reagent sets that will be developed with the Gyrolab platform.

The extension of the collaboration agreement follows the launch of the ready-to-use Gyrolab CHO HCP and E. coli HCP kits, developed through a licensing and supply agreement with Cygnus.

HEK 293 HCP detects residual host cell protein from HEK 293 cells, a cell line commonly used in viral vector production for cell and gene therapies as well as in manufacturing of vaccines.

The automated nanoliter-scale immunoassay solution enables researchers to generate more data in less time for a broader range of analytical applications, allowing faster decision-making.

Mark Vossenaar, Vice President and General Manager in the Biopharmaceutical Development Division at Mesa Labs, said: “The collaboration with Cygnus Technologies is an exciting step for Gyros Protein Technologies, underscoring our commitment to provide leading-edge automated analysis solutions that support bioprocessing and manufacturing.

“There is a real need for analytical tools that support fast turn-around time and small sample volume, to accelerate viral vector bioprocess workflows and reduce time to market. HEK 293 HCP Assay Reagent Set for Gyrolab is the first of this new, high quality range, and we hope to announce further releases in the near future.”

Christine Dolan, Chief Operating Officer at Cygnus Technologies, said: We are delighted to have expanded our partnership with Gyros Protein Technologies and look forward to working together to develop a range of ready-to-use solutions for our customers in the cell and gene therapy and vaccine markets.”

Kat Jenkins

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