Groundbreaking comprehensive genomic profiling test for cancer

pharmafile | March 15, 2022 | News story | Manufacturing and Production  

Illumia have announced the launch of TruSight™ Oncology (TSO) Comprehensive (EU), a single test that assesses multiple tumour genes and biomarkers, to reveal the specific modular profile of a patient’s cancer.

The single in vitro diagnostic test will help inform therapy decisions according to clinical guidelines, to enable precision medicine earlier in the disease journey.

With its global launch first taking place in Europe, the in vitro diagnostic (IVD) kit will help inform precision medicine decisions for cancer patients across the continent.

“This ground-breaking and accurate diagnostic kit provides information clinicians can use to help match their patients to available therapies according to clinical guidelines or clinical trials, based on their tumour profile,” shared Kevin Keegan, General Manager for Oncology at Illumina. “At Illumina we are proud to be bringing innovations like this to market, and to be at the forefront of unlocking the power of the genome for human benefit.”

The kit covers a broad range of mutations, and current and emerging biomarkers, associated with the European Society for medical Oncology guidelines, drug labels and clinical trials, maximising the chances of finding actionable information from each patient’s biopsy.

“The most pressing challenge we face in profiling biomarkers from tumour samples is the ability to keep up with the pace of new biomarkers linked to new therapies and clinical trials,” said Rhian White, Consultant Clinical Scientist at the All Wales Medical Genomics Services, Cardiff, UK. “We need a testing platform that can assess all these biomarkers, while at the same time preserving limited biopsy specimen. Comprehensive genomic profiling has proven to be this platform.”

Conventional tests, such as single biomarker tests and targeted hotspot panels, are limited in the number of targets they analyse which increases the chances of missing critical information.

TSO Comprehensive (EU) assesses biomarkers in 517 cancer-relevant genes across nearly 30 solid tumour types by evaluating both DNA and RNA, and complex genomic signatures, such as microsatellite instability (MSI) and tumour mutational burden (TMB).

Ana Ovey

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