Google files for US patent to electronic eye lens

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Alphabet Inc (Nasdaq: GOOG) has filed a patent application for a device that can be implanted in the eye to aid better vision.

The tech giant is working on an intra-ocular device that would need implanting of an electronic lens in the eyes.  

The method will require removing the natural lens from the eyes and replacing it with an electronic one, according to the patent filing.

Under the process the electronic lens can be controlled to provide an optical power within a range of optical powers. Solidifying the fluid in the lens capsule to form a coupling between the lens capsule and the intra-ocular device, such that accommodation forces can be applied to the intra-ocular device via the lens capsule and coupling. 

Further, the electronic lens are to be equipped with a radio communications system that could transmit data via an external device, such as a smartphone, tablet or laptop, potentially allowing optometrists to update corrective lens prescriptions wirelessly by adjusting the programming that controls the lens vision. In addition, the implant could be powered via an energy harvesting antenna from a nearby source that could be worn by the user, allowing the eye implant to be continuously powered.

The patent lists Andrew Jason Conrad, chief executive of Verily, which was earlier known as Google Life Sciences, as the inventor.

Anjali Shukla

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