Global Heart Hub and Novartis form partnership to combat ASCVD

pharmafile | October 19, 2021 | News story | Manufacturing and Production  

Global Heart Hub and Novartis have announced the launch of a joint programme to bring together a worldwide network of patient organisations committed to reducing cardiovascular (CV) death, by garnering systemic change in atherosclerotic cardiovascular disease (ASCVD) care.

This programme is called Invisible Nation, and aims to prevent many of the 15 million yearly ASCVD deaths, and also reduce the current debt of CV disease, which could amass to $1 trillion. Invisible Nation will advocate for policy changes to tackle the disease, and aims to promote innovative partnerships in the CV space.

Although the majority of ASCVD-related deaths are preventable, most countries are not actually on course to meet the WHO goal of a 25% reduction in CV mortality by 2025.

Neil Johnson, Executive Director of the Global Heart Hub, said: “Many are surprised to learn that millions and millions of people die each year from ASCVD, and they are even more surprised when they realize that this terrible loss of life is roughly 60% higher than the number of deaths attributed to cancer.

“This is a shocking fact, and even more shocking is that 80% of CV events can be prevented. Patient organizations have an opportunity – and a responsibility – to expose the realities of ASCVD, leading to a better prognosis and reduction in premature deaths. By increasing awareness, we will activate change.”

“We see Invisible Nation as a catalyst for action among patient organizations worldwide,” said Marie-France Tschudin, President of Novartis Pharmaceuticals.

“The groups that speak for the millions of people globally who die from ASCVD have a powerful mandate to ensure that it is recognized and addressed as the number one killer in the world. Novartis is proud to partner with Global Heart Hub and take this next concrete step to reverse this health crisis and make the loss of life and financial cost of ASCVD unignorable.”

Lina Adams

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