Gilead subsidiary Kite Pharma to open CAR-T manufacturing facility in Maryland

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Gilead Sciences subsidiary Kite Pharma has announced plans to open a new CAR-T manufacturing facility in Frederick County, Maryland (US).

The new 20-acre site will extend the firm’s ability to manufacture various CAR-T therapies including Kite’s cancer treatment Yescarta.

Tim Moore, Executive VP of Technical Operations at Kite, explained: “This new facility in Frederick County builds on our substantial technical capabilities and rapid progress in making personalised CAR-T and TCR cell therapies for people with cancer.”

“As we advance our industry-leading cell therapy pipeline and seek to help a growing number of people with cancer, expanding and investing in our manufacturing capabilities is essential.”

The complex, multi-stage, manufacturing process involves genetically engineering patient’s own T-cells in order to ensure that they recognise and destroy cancer cells.

The Fredrick County site will act as part of a network of CAR-T manufacturing facilities which includes sites in California and the Netherlands.

“With the Frederick County site, we will have the opportunity to build and design the facility tailored to our own innovative processes and with state-of-the-art features that will enable us to meet the future needs for cell therapies,” Moore added.

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