Genentech signs $1 billion deal with Sosei over GCPRs

pharmafile | July 17, 2019 | News story | Research and Development Genentech, Roche, gcprs, pharma, sosei 

Roche’s Genentech has entered into a partnership with Sosei Heptares to develop small molecules and biologics that G protein-coupled receptor (GPCR) targets in a deal worth $1 billion.

Genentech will pay Sosei $26 million upfront and as much as $1 billion in R&D and commercial milestone payments to sign up to Sosei’s GPCR drug design programme.

In the past major firms including Pfizer, AstraZeneca, Allergan, Novartis and Daiichi Sankyo have partnered with Sosei, who have developed much expertise in the area of GPCRs.

Dr James Sabry, Global Head of Pharma Partnering, Roche, commented: “We believe GPCRs are an important target class that play a role in many serious diseases.”

Shinichi Tamura, Chairman, President and CEO of Sosei Heptares, added: “In the past five years, Sosei Heptares has partnered with several of the world’s most successful pharmaceutical companies, as well as some of the most innovative biotechnology companies. Our powerful and unique approach to addressing GPCRs, as the largest and most diverse class of therapeutic targets, has enabled us to build an extensive pipeline of drug candidates across a broad range of diseases. The collective experience gained through these collaborations is driving our growth and development and enabling the company to become a truly world-class and global organization.”

Louis Goss

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