First smart connected insulin pens made available on NHS

pharmafile | March 2, 2022 | News story | Research and Development  

Today, Novo Nordisk will launch the first smart connected insulin pens to be made available on NHS prescription. The pens, NovoPen® 6 and NovoPen Echo® Plus, are a new generation of insulin pens that record dosing information over a period of time.

Those living with type 1 diabetes experienced a reduction in time spent in hyperglycaemia, and missed fewer bolus injections, when using Novopen 6 in an observational study.

“Integrating innovative technology as a routine part of diabetes care is an important step to improve diabetes care,” Emma Wilmot, Consultant Diabetologist, University Hospitals of Derby and Burton NHS Foundation Trust, said. “Novo Nordisk’s smart connected pens are an example of how technology can support people living with diabetes to gain greater insight into the management of their diabetes, on their journey to becoming experts in their diabetes. In my clinic, the opportunity to view daily insulin data will allow me to better support the individual with diabetes to achieve their goals. It will allow for more tailored and informed advice on optimisation of glucose levels, with the ultimate goal of improving future outcomes.”

NovoPen 6 and NovoPen Echo Plus are insulin injection pens that record dosing information, including when and how much insulin was administered. This data can be uploaded to a compatible app, and viewed by people living with diabetes and their healthcare professionals.

Pinder Sahota, General Manager, Novo Nordisk UK, commented: “We believe digital innovation of devices and treatments has the potential to transform people’s lives and help alleviate the daily burden of living with diabetes. Our smart connected insulin pens aim to empower people to better understand their diabetes management, have more informed conversations with their doctor and ultimately improve their blood glucose control.”

NovoPen 6 and NovoPen Echo Plus are reusable and in line with Novo Nordisk’s Circular for Zero ambition to have zero environmental impact.

Ana Ovey

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