Expansion for first FDA-approved video game for ADHD treatment

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Akili Interactive has announced the expansion of its prescription video game treatment, EndeavorRx, with the addition of new gaming features and functionalities, following its FDA clearance in June 2020.

The expansion comes as part of the company’s go-to market approach aiming to bring EndeavorRx to families and healthcare professionals at scale.

Akili game designers and engineers have created additional gameplay experiences that offer new quests and increased optionality, including new personalised universes and character choices to enhance engagement in the prescription digital therapeutic.

The enhancements provide patients with more strategic challenges and add complexity to both short-term and long-term goals to drive motivation. Patients will have more choices during gameplay, including selecting and unlocking new creatures and costumes, completing new quests, and building their own universes, which provide increased optionality and foster longer-term engagement and interest.

Image: Screenshot of new “Space Farm” released in EndeavorRx 

EndeavorRx treatment was granted FDA clearance based on data from five clinical studies in more than 600 children diagnosed with ADHD, including a prospective, randomised, controlled study published in The Lancet Digital Health journal, which showed EndeavorRx improved objective measures of attention in children with ADHD.

In March 2021, data published in Nature Digital Medicine from a multi-site open-label study evaluating the impact of EndeavorRx on symptoms and functional impairments in children with ADHD, demonstrated statistically significant improvement in all predetermined endpoints of the study, which included parent and clinician ratings of children’s ADHD symptoms and related impairments in daily life.

Carl Gottlieb, Senior Vice President of Engineering at Akili Interactive, said: “Rapid product iteration is critical to creating amazing experiences for patients and delivering on the full promise of digital therapeutics.

“Since obtaining FDA clearance, we’ve been listening and learning, and are taking a dynamic patient-responsive approach to create an amazing experience – from the product to the delivery process. Because EndeavorRx is uniquely delivered through a video game, we have nearly endless opportunities to enhance the product and evolve it based on user feedback and gaming trends to drive enjoyment and engagement.”

The technology is built on Selective Stimulus Management Engine (SSME) core technology, designed to target key attentional control systems in the brain. SSME technology presents specific sensory stimuli and simultaneous motor challenges designed to target and activate the neural systems that play a key role in attention function while using adaptive algorithms to personalise the treatment experience for each individual patient. This enables second by second monitoring of patient progress completing the treatment sessions, and continuously challenges each patient to an optimised level, encouraging patients to improve their performance.

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