Enlivex’s Allocetra improves COVID-19 recovery times, early data show

pharmafile | October 1, 2020 | News story | Research and Development Allocetra, Enlivex 

Israeli immunotherapy firm Enlivex Therapeutics has released tentatively positive data for its therapy Allocetra as a treatment for patients with severe and critical forms of COVID-19.

The data was drawn from a small study of five patients with COVID-19, three of which were in a severe condition and two were in a critical condition. After being treated with Allocetra, all five patients achieved complete recovery; those in a severe condition were discharged from hospital after an average of 5.5 days, with those in a critical condition achieving the same milestone after 8.5 days. No adverse events were reported.

The therapy has also been tested in ten patients with sepsis, presenting a similar efficacy and safety profile.

“We have now treated 15 patients with Allocetra at our hospital, 10 with sepsis, and five with COVID-19,” explained Professor Vernon van Heerden, lead investigator on both trials and Head of the Critical Care Medicine Unit at Hadassah Hospital in Israel. “Based on the compelling preliminary results that demonstrated safety and an indication of efficacy of Allocetra in these complicated patients, Enlivex’s product candidate has the potential to benefit COVID-19 patients in severe or critical condition.”

Based on these data, Enlivex now plans to push development of the therapy into larger Phase 2 trials “as soon as reasonably practicable”. These trials in COVID-19 will remain distinct from planned efforts to test the therapy in a Phase 2b study investigating its efficacy in treating organ failures associated with sepsis.

Matt Fellows

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