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Ellab has launched a new continuous monitoring solution for the biotech and pharmaceutical sectors, which accurately monitors critical processes 24/7. TrackView Pro & EMSuite is the specialist company’s latest innovative technology for protecting drugs, vaccines, medicines, and therapies.


The costs can be significant if a fridge or freezer fails whilst containing valuable life-saving drugs and vaccines. Hundreds of thousands of pounds or dollars worth of products are at risk if temperature, pressure, CO2, or relative humidity levels are not accurately maintained in strictly controlled environments.


Empowered by the EMSuite software, TrackView Pro is ideal for accurately monitoring critical processes like freezers, cold storage, clean rooms, laboratories, research facilities, refrigerators, and other applications within biopharmaceutical manufacturing and storage. This future-proof and reliable technology helps ensure that life-saving drugs and treatments are kept safe for end consumers.


A global leader in validation, calibration and monitoring solutions for the pharmaceutical, biotech and healthcare sectors, Ellab’s cutting-edge monitoring solution sets a new benchmark for continuous environmental monitoring within strictly regulated industries such as biotech and pharma.


Ellab’s new monitoring solution brings ultimate peace of mind for staff, managers, and other users in strictly controlled facilities. If chosen parameters within a facility shift beyond a predefined limit, the system immediately sounds the alarm, giving authorised staff the time they need to initiate corrective action.


It’s a versatile system that can be tailored to the user’s needs to provide critical real-time alerts directly via mobile APP, SMS, or email to ensure immediate response. The EMSuite software also provides full data collection for detailed analysis and automated reports, interactive graphs, tables, plan views, and audit trails. It complies with industry standards and regulations such as FDA 21 CFR Part 11 and more – and provides high data integrity via two-way communication to eliminate data gaps.


Ellab’s precision-engineered monitoring solution also enables expansion into new locations, all managed from a single source. Users can organise and scale their environmental monitoring system across multiple sites and applications, with local data capture, cloud-based solutions, and global system overviews.


As a partner, Ellab brings significant knowledge and tangible value to biotech, cell and gene therapy, and CDMO companies looking to properly secure their assets. With specialists across multiple fields and a wide range of offerings, Ellab acts as a single-source provider of everything monitoring, validation, and calibration.


For more information visit https://www.ellab.com/solutions/continuous-monitoring-solutions/

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