Dr Reddy’s demand more than $70 million from Indivior over generic Suboxone Film

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Indian firm Dr Reddy’s is seeking at least $70 million from British firm Indivior Plc as compensation for lost sales of its generic version of Indivior’s opioid addiction treatment Suboxone Film.

In July of last year, Indivior managed to block the entry of Dr Reddy’s generic version of Suboxone Film into the US market, despite Dr Reddy’s having received approval to sell their opioid disorder drug.

However a US Supreme Court last month refused to uphold the injunction, thus allowing Dr Reddy’s to re-enter the market.

If we were not injuncted by the court, we would have made a lot of money,” Dr Reddy’s CEO GV Prasad, said in an interview in Hyderabad. “If we get the lost profits, it will certainly outperform.”

Suboxone Film, a sublingual formulation used to treat opioid use disorder, accounted for almost all of Indivior’s $1 billion in sales last year.

Prasad has estimated his company may be entitled to around a quarter of the sales of the market leading drug. While Indivior have set aside $72 million, Dr Reddy’s have claimed that they are owed more.  

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