DeHavilland launches political monitoring service for pharma

pharmafile | July 30, 2009 | News story | Medical Communications DeHavilland 

A new online monitoring service will provide pharmaceutical decision-makers with briefings on opportunities and threats to their businesses coming from the UK political and legislative environment.

DeHavilland Pharma will report and interpret political and legislative developments that have a bearing on the pharmaceutical sector.

Using its 40-strong research operation, DeHavilland's analytical reporting will cover formal parliamentary proceedings and select committees, and monitor lobby activity and political gatherings outside Westminster.

"A relevant parliamentary questions session can reveal government investment intentions around certain pharmaceutical research, or can even highlight potential pressure on government to outlaw certain drugs," says DeHavilland managing director Patrick Angell.

"Quick access to the details can enable pharmaceutical managers to act swiftly in order to benefit from potential new revenue opportunity, or make moves to avoid revenue losses."

He says awareness of political initiatives and lobbies before they reach the formal parliamentary discussion stage or find their way into the newspapers is a huge advantage for pharma companies.

The company's service incorporates an online information site with a powerful search function and intuitive navigation, which allows users to find information easily.

It includes a comprehensive 'people in politics' database showing their interests, activity track record and contact details.

Users will also be alerted to key political and lobbying events that they need to be aware of, or even that they should be attending, via the service's forward events planning feature.

DeHavilland Pharma is not just an online service, as subscribers are also assigned a dedicated political researcher on the DeHavilland team. The researchers will ensure the latest critical and relevant insight is delivered by email or phone alert, and reports can be customised to meet the specific requirements of companies.

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