Coronavirus forcing Eli Lilly employees to work from home

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Eli Lilly is asking some of its employees to work from home to stop the spread of coronavirus on its Indianapolis campus.

The majority of workers who will stay home are office-based employees. People who work in research and manufacturing will continue to work at the company’s facilities.

Eli Lilly’s corporate communications director, Scott MacGregor, said in a statement that the company are “protecting the health and safety of our employees, and protecting our ability to make and supply safe medicines for patients who rely on them.

“We have a unique responsibility to ensure continuity in our manufacturing facilities and R&D labs are minimizing staff in our offices, we are reducing risk of inadvertent transmission to workers who don’t have the option of continuing to do their important work from home particularly those who work with specialized equipment or in specialized facilities.”

The company have not given a timeline on when these employees will be returning to work.

Other prominent companies are taking similar steps to Eli Lilly. Facebook announced it would close three of its offices in the London after one of its workers from Singapore was diagnosed with coronavirus, and had visited the London office in the past month.

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