Collaboration to offer heart rhythm checks to detect atrial fibrillation

pharmafile | March 22, 2022 | News story | Manufacturing and Production  

Daiichi Sankyo and O’Brien’s Pharmacies Group have today announced the launch of a collaboration in North West England to offer a free Atrial Fibrillation (AF) check to over 65s, to aid effective diagnosis and treatment of the condition.

AF causes roughly one in five strokes in the UK, but many people with the condition do not have any symptoms, meaning that it is often only diagnosed after a cardiovascular event. It is estimated that 7,000 strokes could be prevented, and over 2,000 lives could be saved every year in England if people with AF were properly identified and treated early on.

The collaborative project is jointly funded by Daiichi Sankyo and O’Brien’s Pharmacies Group, will hopefully help in the effort to improve the detection of high-risk factor conditions for cardiovascular disease, particularly AF. The NHS Long Term Plan intends to prevent 150,000 cardiovascular events by 2028, while helping to diminish the financial burden of stroke.

Dr Mark Spencer, GP at Mount View Practice, Fleetwood, commented: “This project is an example of how the unique contribution of community pharmacy can come together with general practice in the delivery of local health priorities. Effective detection of AF in the local area will also mean more people can learn about the condition and ultimately be better equipped to become active participants in its management.”

Lisa Cottam, Superintendent Pharmacist at O’Brien’s Pharmacies Group, added: “We encourage all patients over the age of 65 to visit their local O’Brien’s Pharmacy and speak to the pharmacist about their eligibility for a quick and easy check to detect an irregular heartbeat. With around 15,000 strokes every year in the North West, and a fifth of these accountable to AF, more needs to be done to detect and prevent the condition. We’re keen that this collaborative project will help to identify those with undiagnosed AF and ensure they can access the support and treatment they need from their GP in a timely manner, while driving conversation and awareness of cardiovascular conditions in the region.”

Lina Adams

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