Canada to procure 20,000 doses of GSK COVID-19 antibody therapy

pharmafile | January 7, 2022 | News story | Medical Communications  

GlaxoSmithKline Plc. has shared that it has signed agreements with the Government of Canada to supply 20,000 doses of Sotrovimab, a COVID-19 monoclonal antibody therapy developed by GSK and Vir Biotechnology, for injection.

Sotrovimab is indicated for people who are at increased risk of advancing to hospital admission or death.

This follows the initial purchase agreement of the company with the Government of Canada to supply 10,000 doses of Sotrovimab, originally announced on 4 October, 2021. The initial agreement comprised an option for the government to procure further doses of the therapy, according to emerging requirements.

Health Canada authorised Sotrovimab for injection on 30 July 2021, under its Interim Order Respecting the Importation, Sale and Advertising of Drugs for Use in Relation to COVID-19 for the treatment of mild to moderate infection, confirmed by direct SARS-CoV-2 viral testing, in adults and adolescents aged 12 years and older and weighing at least 40kg, who are at high risk for progressing to hospitalisation and death from the virus.

“As variants of concern rapidly continue to emerge and intensify the pandemic in Canada and worldwide, the availability of therapies, such as Sotrovimab, provide an important tool for healthcare professionals on the front lines of the pandemic,” GSK Canada president, Faris El Refaie, said. “Together with the Government of Canada, we’re supporting Canada’s healthcare system by providing access to effective treatments for patients who are ill with Covid-19 and are at higher risk of progressing to hospitalisation or death.”

The Omicron variant Is rapidly contributing to record case numbers in nearly every Canadian province. It is hoped that the COVID-19 treatment from GSK will help combat the highly transmissible variant.

Ana Ovey

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