BMS restructure will transfer 90 jobs from NY state to Massachusetts and New Jersey

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Bristol-Myers Squibb has announced plans to relocate around 90 roles from the state of New York to facilities in Massachusetts and New Jersey as part of a restructuring effort.

While the exact number of roles to be moved is still to be confirmed, the company’s pharmaceutical plant in DeWitt will see the loss of employees, transferred to Devens and Central New jersey, where the firm has several facilities.

BMS’ Director of Corporate Communications Lisa McCormick Lavery clarified that the move is part of a wider plan to centralise related positions within the company – a move which will also see the transfer of roles from company facilities in Connecticut, Indiana and Seattle, Washington to the same two sites.

The move will see the number of employees at the DeWitt facility fall to around 410, from the 503 it employed at the end of last year. According to McCormick Lavery, the roles transferred will be from a wide range of positions within the business, all of whom are expected to keep their same jobs.

The move is due to be completed by the first quarter of 2019 and will not impact the manufacturing operations at the New York facility.

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