Blast at Sun Pharma factory kills two

pharmafile | January 4, 2017 | News story | Medical Communications, Research and Development Sun Pharma, factory, fire 

A blast at Sun Pharma’s Ahmednagar factory caused the deaths of two workers and injured a further two. The four workmen were taken to a nearby hospital but two were injured so severely that they succumbed to their injuries. The two others involved are still receiving treatment, according to Sun Pharma they are “responding well to treatment”.

The blast occurred during excavation work carried out at the facility, with a fire resulting from the explosion. The factory in Ahmednagar manufactures active pharmaceutical ingredients which are used in formulations. Sun Pharma was keen to stress that production would not be affected by the blast at its site and that it will continue to operate as normal.

Sun Pharma said, in its statement to the National Stock Exchange of India, “We stand by the families of these four workmen in this hour of distress and will look into providing all kind of support as necessary. We are currently investigating the matter with the help of local law enforcement.”

The news compounds another release that emerged from the end of last year that an FDA inspection of a factory in Halol found the site to be in violation of nine separate issues, including a roof that was leaking into the facility. Any further issues with manufacturing will arouse worries in the US market. The US is responsible for 15% of Sun Pharma’s revenue and it will be looking to minimise any limitations on products getting into the US market.

Ben Hargreaves

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