Biomodex launches clear cartridges for neurovascular training

pharmafile | April 1, 2022 | News story | Medical Communications  

Biomodex has announced the launch of clear cartridges for use with Biomodex’s EVIAS and EVIAS Plus stations.

The cartridges are 3D printed using a transparent material that allows physicians to train for ischemic stroke and unruptured aneurysm procedures outside the catheterisation lab setting. These cartridges connect directly with the Biomodex EVIAS station, which replicates blood flow and viscosity to provide a complete simulation experience.

“Medical technology companies do not always have access to a cath lab, so our clear cartridges offer the easiest, most accessible way to demo or train physicians on a new device because they can do it anywhere,” said Bill Perusek, VP of Sales for Biomodex. “This is especially important in the neurovascular field where there is an urgent need to train more physicians to treat ischemic stroke and unruptured aneurysms.”

“It’s not always easy to get fellows and residents in a cath lab for training because of logistics, but Biomodex’s clear cartridges will make it easier for us to demonstrate how to navigate complex human anatomies without leaving the classroom,” said Dr Demetrius Lopes, MD, Neurovascular Surgeon, Advocate Health Care, Chicago, IL.

“Biomodex’s clear cartridges will allow us to rapidly train even more physicians on our new devices as we bring them to market,” said Jeff Dollar, Director of US Sales at Rapid Medical, a neurovascular medical device company based in Israel. “The system is extremely versatile, transportable, and easy to set up. We can run training sessions in a normal meeting room with just a camera and a screen.”

Lina Adams

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