BATM develops molecular diagnostics test for tuberculosis

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BATM have announced that it has developed a new method for the rapid and comprehensive diagnosis of tuberculosis (TB), which claims to produce results in approximately two hours.

The new method combines a one-step PCR test, with testing on a NATlab instrument using a new isothermal RCA process developed by the group’s associate company, Ador Diagnostics. The PCR test diagnoses if someone is infected with TB and, if they test positive, the NATlab system is used to identify the strain of TB and its resistance to antibiotics.

This process, which tests the same sample in both phases, is expected to produce results in approximately two hours. The current testing method for TB takes several days and often relies on incubation to determine antibiotic resistance after a patient has been diagnosed as infected with TB.

The testing and validation phase, which is expected to commence in the second half of this year, will be fully funded under a programme of the Stop TB Partnership, an international alliance comprising a wide range of governmental and non-governmental organisations.

Dr Zvi Marom, CEO of BATM, said: “We are very excited about our new method for the diagnosis of TB and we are delighted to receive the support of the Stop TB Partnership and to work with the University of Heidelberg. We believe that our new method, which utilises the advanced technologies of Adaltis and, in particular, the NATlab of Ador, will be particularly crucial in preventing the spread of drug-resistant TB strains. We also expect our solution to be more affordable and accessible than those used today.

“The devastating health, social and economic consequences of TB have been with us for centuries and are still here today. It is vital that we develop innovative solutions and systems that will enable this disease, which is a leading cause of death but is both preventable and curable, to be eradicated. Thanks to the advances in molecular diagnostics, we are entering a new era in the fight against infectious diseases. I believe that BATM has an important role to play in this as we focus on developing new, innovative technologies while continuing to provide critical solutions to combat COVID-19.”

BATM expects to commence sales of the test next year, following a successful testing and validation phase.

 Kat Jenkins

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