Aptamer Group sign deals to develop Optimer solutions

pharmafile | December 5, 2022 | News story | Business Services  

Aptamer Group has announced a selection of contracts aimed at exploring Optimer technology, which will offer new strategies for therapeutics and potentially offer improved assay sensitivity and selectivity over antibodies.


Optimer binders are oligonucleotide-based affinity ligands generated through the in vitro Optimer platform. These can be used as antibody alternatives and offer benefits of ethical compliance due to their non-use of: animals in discovery; development of manufacture; the ability to pursue new targets via three parallel discovery processes optimised for target types (small molecules, proteins and cells); and the screening against end-use application conditions and cross-reactive targets into the discovery process for improved binder performance.


Dr Arron Tolley, CEO of Aptamer Group, stated: “Today, I am pleased to report a selection of our new contract wins which have the potential for future downstream royalties and milestone payments. Following the successful development and proof-of-concept of an Optimer to correct oncogenic splicing errors in Chronic Myelomonocytic Leukaemia (CMML) we have entered the second phase of our collaboration with Cancer Research UK to develop the delivery vehicle portion of the bispecific therapeutic Optimer binder for the treatment of CMML and other myeloid malignancies. This second Optimer binder will enable targeted delivery of the therapeutic molecule for improved efficacy.” 


James Spargo

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