Amgen launches Amjevita biosimilar on US market

pharmafile | January 31, 2023 | News story | Medical Communications  

Amgen’s Amjevita (adalimumab-atto) has just launched on the US market, meaning it becomes the first biosimilar to reference the blockbuster drug Humira. The biosimilar drug is now commercially available to US patients, and is intended to treat numerous rheumatic conditions.

Available in a prefilled syringe or an auto-injector pen, the drug is the first of ten adalimumab biosimilars expected to launch this year.

Amjevita is approved for the treatment of the same conditions as Humira, including: rheumatoid arthritis in adult patients, polyarticular juvenile idiopathic arthritis in paediatric patients over two years old, psoriatic arthritis in adult patients, ankylosing spondylitis in adult patients, hidradentis suppirativa in patients over 12 years of age, Crohn’s disease in adults and children over 6 years of age, ulcerative colitis in adults and children aged over 5 years, and chronic plaque psoriasis in adult patients.

Amjevita’s list price or wholesale acquisition cost at 40mg is 55% lower than Humira, making this a significant step forward for both patients and their healthcare providers. Amgen’s portfolio already contains 11 biosimilar products, five of which are approved by the FDA, with three also approved in the EU.

Murdo Gordon, executive vice president of global commercial operations at Amgen, commented: “With today’s announcement, AMJEVITA is the first US biosimilar to Humira, a medicine used by more than a million patients living with certain serious inflammation diseases.”

Steven Taylor, president and chief executive officer at the Arthritis Foundation, said, in Amgen’s announcement: “Biosimilars are extensively studied, FDA-approved treatments that have the potential to reduce costs to the healthcare system… Amjevita provides another treatment option for patients and their doctors.”

AbbVie has previously earned $200bn over 20 years with Humira, so stand to lose a considerable amount with the launch of its biosimilars.


Betsy Goodfellow

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