Amgen and Cytokinetics’ drug falls short in heart failure despite hitting primary goal

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New Phase 3 data has come to light on Amgen and Cytokinetics’ cardiac myosin activator therapy omecamtiv mecarbil fell short at Phase 3 trials in the treatment of heart failure in patients with reduced ejection fraction.

The results of the study showed that the therapy met its primary composite endpoint, reducing cardiovascular death or heart failure to a “statistically significant” degree compared to placebo in patients receiving standard of care.

However, the 8% relative risk reduction falls significantly short of the 15% target that Amgen promised in July earlier this year.

Additionally, the findings noted that the therapy failed to meet its secondary endpoint of reduction in risk of cardiovascular death alone, though specific details were not revealed.

With the results not quite living up to expectations, Dr David M Reese, Executive Vice President of Research and Development at Amgen, remarked: “The outcomes observed in GALACTIC-HF further the understanding of treating heart failure, a devastating disease in which half of heart failure patients will die within five years of initial hospitalisation.”

“We look forward to further data analyses and the presentation of the results of this Phase 3 trial,” added Dr Fady I Malik, Executive Vice President of Research & Development at Cytokinetics.

Patients with reduced ejection fraction have weakened hearts which struggle to adequately pump blood around the body. Omecamtiv mecarbil works to stimulate the muscle cells in the heart, improving its ability to properly contract and pump blood with sufficient force.

Detailed data from the study are set to be revealed in full at an American Heart Association virtual conference in November this year.

Matt Fellows

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